Lessig talks at Ted

The best possible use of the next 20 minutes of your life? Watch this.

6 thoughts on “Lessig talks at Ted

  1. Marius says:

    Nice one! Really enjoyed that Andrew!

  2. Joseph Fosco says:

    An unbelievable talk by Lawrence Lessig! Then righ t after I watched this talk I read this article


    It just makes you wonder what “some people” are thinking! Lessig’s argument makes clear that the quote at the end of the article

    “Copyright infringement silently drains America’s economy and undermines the talent, creativity and initiative that are a great source of strength to our nation,” said Leahy. “When we protect intellectual property from copyright infringement, we protect our economy and our ideas.”

    is at best misguided, and most likely completely false. Actually, the exact opposite is closer to the truth.


  3. Rick Krizman says:

    Instead of just glibly using prepackaged technology to mash together other artists’ well thought out creations, maybe kids should instead be encouraged to learn to play musical instruments (which unfortunately requires hours over years of practice) and perhaps they should learn to write their own songs. In any case, if this whole argument is just in the service of justifying low-rent internet comedy, then who cares?

    All in all I thought this was a weak analysis. Extrapolating Sousa’s comments to jump to a claim that now technology is empowering us to return to the glorious read/write days of yesteryear is sheer nonsense.

    Furthermore, I’d maintain that most amateur work is in fact amateurish.

  4. Inspirational stuff. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Andrew

  5. Paul Frewin says:

    Quite a mind blowing watch..brought to my conscious surface stuff i had been debating and questioning about the copy writing and ownership of art and music..and the dead ends that the coveting of art dis rewards its creators..
    thanks for the education and exposure

  6. john says:

    Andrew. Interesting viewing and I agree with the points you make but this appears to be focusing on the recreation and sampling than creating new music – creating stuff from old sources – All of which is great but surely that can’t be the starting points for all musical composition.