Now free with a free bonus free thing

The booklet version of the 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online has arrived from the printers. It’s free, and it comes with a giveaway free thing.


Thanks to the lovely people at Digital Central, my free e-book that you can download as a 96-page PDF has been printed up as a slimline and trimmed-back booklet. It’s available for free (for a limited time, while stocks last, special conditions apply, if pain persists see your doctor) from Digital Central.

If you’re already expecting me to send it to you because you gave me your postal address when we started all this, then don’t fret: it’s now on its way. If not, then head to the Digital Central website and ask Dave to send you one.

It comes with a handy desk tidy promotional doo-dad that, from the picture, looks like you could stick your pens in. It’s got the 20 things listed on the outside (presumably on the other two faces of the triangular prism that you can’t currently see) — and it’s also free.

Send no money now.


Your turn: what are prepared to give away for free — and how can people get it?

8 thoughts on “Now free with a free bonus free thing

  1. Pete Ashton says:

    “looks like you could stick your pens in”

    I so misread that at first…

  2. Dave Harte says:

    I can confirm that the triagle thingy is pure gimmick and is quite useless at holding pens. It serves no other purpose than to have a constant reminder of the ’20 things’ on your desk at all times – which I think you’ll agree Dubber is reason enough in itself?

    I think it may be able to hold some lightweight straws – I’ll do a test.



  3. Dubber says:

    So Dave… in fact, it’s more of a desk UNtidy. Cool. The 20 Things: now available in clutter. :)

    Pete: you see what you want to see.

  4. Craig says:

    I’m confused. Where do I send the money?

  5. guy says:

    where is this dave that i can ask him for a copy? couldn’t find any dave at Digital Central.

  6. Brooke says:

    I have the same question as guy. There’s an email address at the bottom of the site for submitting content, but using that would probably just annoy someone not named dave.

    I’m reading 20 Things online in the meanwhile. Brilliant stuff and your writing style and wit make it that much better. Thank you. : )

  7. Dave Harte says:

    Just to be clear: whichever Digital Central email you send to to ask for the hard copy of ’20 things’ it all comes back to me:
    Dave Harte – Project Manager, Digital Central ( or or even,

    Still got a quite a few copies here so please email me with your postal address to get yours.